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In a significant stride towards advancing education and empowering young girls in rural Tanzania, Lyra in Africa, alongside its partners, has unveiled a girls’ hostel and computer equipment, valued at over TZS 245,000,000 million and TZS 600,000,000 million respectively, for rural ward schools in the Iringa region.
 This initiative, exemplified by the construction of a girls’ hostel at Mseke Secondary School, not only enhances infrastructure but also signals a silver lining and progress for the region. Beyond mere physical improvements, Lyra in Africa’s effort aims to bolster e-learning opportunities, bridging the educational gap between rural and urban areas, and safeguarding girls from various risks associated with long commutes and harsh living conditions.
The recent launching event, graced by the esteemed presence of Iringa District Commissioner, Veronica Kessy, symbolized a momentous occasion in the education sector development in Tanzania. District Commissioner Veronica Kessy, representing the Regional Commissioner, lauded the collaborative efforts of Lyra in Africa and its partners, including Softcat and partners, Greensafe and the Michael Matthews Foundation, in spearheading this noble initiative. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lyra in Africa for coordinating this donation and the government for its contribution,” remarked Commissioner Kessy. “Their commitment to empowering our girls and youth through education is truly commendable”, she said.
Parallelly, through its Rural Livelihoods Program, Lyra addresses the pressing need for economic empowerment among rural youth, particularly in regions where up to 90% of the population engages in subsistence farming. By offering training in entrepreneurship and facilitating access to financial resources through the Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), Lyra fosters self-reliance and community resilience. Additionally, the organization’s Digital Learning Program has positively impacted over 18,000 secondary school students, leveraging technology to enhance classroom teaching and equip students with essential skills for the 21st century. Lyra’s commitment to supporting girls from vulnerable backgrounds through comprehensive sponsorship initiatives underscores its dedication to inclusive education and socio-economic development.
The CEO of Lyra in Africa Tanzania, Ms. Cikay Richards, emphasized the organization’s steadfast dedication to partnering with local communities and the government to effect tangible change. “Our mission extends beyond the mere provision of infrastructure,” stated Ms. Richards. “We are committed to addressing the systemic challenges faced by young girls in accessing quality education but combat poverty.
The impact of Lyra in Africa’s interventions is palpable. Ernest Sakafu, the head teacher of Mseke Secondary School, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the organization’s contributions. “Lyra in Africa has been a catalyst for transformation in our school,” remarked Mr. Sakafu. “The provision of essential equipment and sponsorship opportunities has elevated the educational experience for our students, particularly our young girls.”, he added.
Debora Damas Kasela, head girl at Mseke Secondary School, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the profound impact of Lyra in Africa’s initiatives on the lives of students. “No longer will we endure the hardships of sleeping on classroom floors,” declared Debora. “Lyra in Africa has bestowed upon us a newfound sense of dignity and opportunity.”
As Tanzania strides towards a future defined by equitable access to education gender equality and ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools, initiatives like Lyra in Africa serve as a platform of hope, inspiring more stakeholders in public, private, and development sectors to take part and contribute. Through Lyra in Africa’s commitment to empowering youth and fostering inclusive educational environments, the organization is not only accelerating e-learning but also catalyzing a brighter future for generations to come in rural Tanzania.
For more information about Lyra in Africa please reach out to them via 0758535005, via email at info@lyrainafrica.org, or visit our website at www.lyrainafrica.org.

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